First Recipe, Quick, Fast, Easy.

I’ve always been a fan of chili. Spicy, mild, beef, venison, (I draw the line at anything made with poultry and called ‘chili.’ – that’s just not right.)

Once I grew up enough to try to take care of me and my own, I started to make it. My wife is not a fan of spicy foods, so I keep it mild.
In and of itself, chili is a cinch to make. And I apologize if you wandered into this post expecting some sort of gourmet recipe for chili that will be an absolute show-stopper. I’ve already warned you that my culinary proficiencies are fairly slim, and the bulk of what I make is fast and effective. Usually in an effort to take some of the heat off of my wife after she spends the day tending to the little ones. So, if you’re game for a nice, fast recipe for chili and rice- read on macduff.

– 1lb ground beef (venison works too)
– 2 8oz cans of tomato sauce.
– 1 can kidney beans.
– Spices. (Here I cheat. Store bought ‘chili seasoning mix’, but you may be better at this than I am and choose to season to taste)
– 1 half an onion, diced.
– 1 cup of cooked white rice.
– tortillias. (type, size, number are up to you.)

1. Cook the rice. Apparently the best way to cook rice is 1:2 with water- One cup rice to 2 cups water. (Seriously, I have to look it up every time) – you can use a teaspoon of salt too for some reason.
 {Note: rice cooking instructions are usually on the package, follow them.)

2. For the chili itself: Brown the ground beef, drain the fat. Add in the tomato sauce, onion, beans and seasoning.

3. At this point, cook it all until its hot. I learned that if you cover things, they cook faster. Do that.

4. When its hot, dump in the rice. Mix it well.

5. Dump unceremoniously onto tortillas.

– If your final concoction looks like something that has been already eaten once, you’ve succeeded. Additional seasonings can be added- such as chili powder, peppers, whatever. The cool thing about chili is that you can be creative and not really screw it up.

Below is what it turned out like for me: (Warning, graphic image, probably NSFW)


Final step: Assure your family that it tastes better than it looks.

This is a great meal to make in a hurry, and all in all the ingredients are fairly inexpensive. Not only that, its filling as hell, so you’ll probably have leftovers. And leftovers are a good thing.


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