Coming Soon

Fair warning, over the last week or so, I’ve been working on my first ‘meaty’ post, its an opinion piece that dives headlong into the realms of controversy.
Given the climate of the blog-o-sphere {hate that word by the way} I will no doubt alienate some with the content.
It will be entirely an opinion piece, I won’t seek to heap any sort of information on you, since any sources that support an argument can immediately be rebutted {I do like that word} by seventeen others. I’m not going to try to change anyone’s mind or even try to deflate a dissenting opinion, but since this topic is a very important one to parents everywhere, I think its important to share thoughts on it.

Parenting has many glorious facets, as does the world we live in in general. But there are some seriously scary things out there that we can’t run from, lest they eventually catch up to us and cause problems. In my upcoming piece, I talk about confronting headlong one of the scariest aspects of the world, and indeed parenting. My theories will not sit well with some, and I know this. I won’t apologize for them, but I will make very clear that the floor will be open for discussion on the matter, that’s only fair. If I’m going to bombard you with my opinions, jamming my fingers in my ears when you want to debate them is childish.

At any rate, I’m putting the finishing touches on it today, and I hope to have it up tomorrow afternoon.

The only reason I’m prefacing this is that I’ve picked up a few readers who I suspect have chosen to follow me because I have at one point made them laugh- indeed most of what I say and do on here is designed to do just that, get a laugh out of you all. But every now and then even I am forced to take a serious tone, especially where the kids are involved.

If you don’t like tomorrow’s commentary, bear with me, your regularly scheduled lunacy will follow quickly upon its heels.

For now, to loosen up some of the ominous tone, here’s a picture I found today, the view from the second highest peak in NYS, Algonquin mtn. This was the first time I climbed it, and the view was breathtaking. The second time I summited, visibility was about 12 feet and the wind was clipping along at about 50mph.

I’m very slowly working my way towards becoming an Adirondack 46er. One of my buddies has become a rabid hiker and climber in the quest for the coveted patch. My approach is much more leisurely, mostly because of time. That’s not to say I enjoy it any more than he does, we just enjoy it differently. A climb with him is a race to the top. My climbs are littered with stops, naps, and as often as possible, campsites. More on all of this at a different time.  


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