Confounding Kid’s Shows, Second Installment

This one is brought to you by Nickelodeon, and is a relatively new addition to their lineup.

The story is simple enough, based around the old story by Beatrix Potter of the same name. Peter and his friends get into trouble, thwart cats in Mr. MacGregor’s garden, and save the day all the time.
There are a few darker undertones in the show, they continuously mention Peter’s Father, who isn’t around, and often talk about being ‘baked into a pie’ by the farmer. Anyone with a brain can estimate that this is what happened to Peter’s dad- unless I missed another explanation somewhere. There’s also Nutkin, the squirrel with a tail that has been lopped off by an owl. This is another bit that is a throwback to the original story.

But none of these little bits are what amazes and confounds me the most. No, its this guy, right here:

That’s Mr. Tod, the fox. He’s constantly trying to consume Peter and his friends, talking about the various recipes he’s going to use and going about several different plots to nab one of the bunnies who always manage to be cunning enough to escape.
Mr. Tod is one of a few predators in the show, and I have no objection to them being there. Not at all. In fact, they amuse me as much as any of the other characters.
What bugs me to no end, is how the other members of the animal community interact with him and the other predators all the time- with no mention about how he’s tried on numerous occasions to eat the children.

He’s even tried a time to two to eat some of the adult characters, but this never seems to deter some of the other animals from having cordial contact with him or mistaking his actions for being motivated by good intentions, rather than a desire to eat.

I can’t help but liken it to a small town having a serial cannibal living in it. Said cannibal haunts the playgrounds and schools looking for a snack, but rather than run him out of town, the villagers constantly ask him about his day or hold the door open for him at the grocery store.

“Oh, hello there Mr. Tod. Say, lovely weather we’ve been having. By the way, didn’t you try to eat the children the other day? LOL, my my, what times we live in. See you at the PTA meeting on Thursday right? And would you like to come to dinner tomorrow? Oh…you have plans already? Next time then.”

This dynamic between the killers in the show and the rest of them baffles me. I don’t know if this was the same thing in the original stories by Potter, I never got into them as a kid- but it would be one thing to read this sort of thing in print, and another to watch it unfold in a brightly colored kid’s cartoon.

Long story short, in this lovable show several characters often attempt to eat the kids….and nobody actually cares.


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