“Make Him Sleep More.”

Last night was a long one. It started snowing here about 7am yesterday, and continued until this morning. When it does that, and we’re expected to get a snowfall that is measured in ‘feet’ rather than inches, I love nothing more than to let it all happen, wait it out, then dig out when its over. However, this was not an option last night. Somehow, I was lucky enough to be on call with the ambulance, which meant making sure that I was constantly dug out all night long so I could leave if I had to.

In retrospect, it made little sense to do so, since even if my driveway was clear and the car brushed off in preparation for emergency departure- there was still 3-4″ of snow ON THE ROAD.

At any rate, I’d be responsible for a call it it came through, so I dug. All night long I dug. I made it a point to get up every 2 or 3 hours to make sure I was able to get out. Mini-Me also made it a point to get up every few hours. My wife tried to get him back to sleep while I was out, but he fought her. I took him and was able to get him to sleep, but it was fitful at best. When I was finally able to get him back to bed, it was late. But we went to bed. Somewhere around 3am, he woke up again, and I shambled into his room again to restore peace and quiet. I dumped him back in bed, cleaned more snow, and went to bed around 4am.

Somewhere around 6, I hear him wake up again. My shift is over at 6am, and part of me hoped that my wife would get up with him and let me catch up on some of the sleep I missed between putting the little guy back to bed and shoveling snow. That hope was dashed to pieces when my sleepy wife groaned- then growled the words “Make him sleep more.” …So, in I went, but he was awake for good, and we started our day.

My wife swears she doesn’t remember saying that, but I have my doubts.


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