The Edible Abomination….

That was dinner tonight.

The Narrator and I had a long morning of gallivanting about gathering groceries and car parts for the banged up Subaru, Supermom spend the day working on some craft projects and priming one of the walls in our bedroom, then later on we took the boys out to play in the snow where Supermom decided that the snowman I made was a disaster, so she made a better one.

So, after a long day, I decided a fast dinner would be in order. I elected to make french toast. Fast, simple, delicious. It should be mentioned that I’d never MADE french toast before, but I’d eaten it a time or two, and…well, how hard can it be? Eggs, milk, bread, some assorted spices, and we’d have the golden brown delectable treat everyone is so fond of.

Except…it didn’t happen that way. My first attempt, I forgot to grease the griddle, so the 4 slices of bread got stuck and ruined.
Takes two and three were…better, except I screwed something up, and what I ended up with was less the image of the amazing breakfast treat, and more of…well….fried eggs stuck to bread.

The thing of it was, after borking up the first batch, I wandered over to and checked out one of their recipes, and it was so, so simple. But even following their recipe, it looked more like an egg sandwich than french toast.
In spite of the aesthetics of the meal being akin to a Doctor Who villian, Supermom seemed to enjoy it- what she was able to eat of it, since Mini-Me couldn’t get enough of it and ate a good portion of her dinner. The Narrator- the pickiest of the picky….devoured his so fast that he ended up biting his tongue.

The moral of this story I guess- is that with enough maple syrup….even your failures can become victories. Much like the old college dining hall method of covering a monstrosity in cheese.

I was going to photograph the outcome and post it here, but I didn’t. So I’ll give you the best photographic depiction I can, images courtesy of Google again.
This is what I was aiming for:

This is what I ended up with.

Again, everyone ate it, and was happy…but I’m not sure why. Or how.



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