Owing to the constant flurry of activity, between three jobs, hunting for a new one, two small children, and the myriad of usual personal problems, it is no secret that I am a forgetful man. There are days when my brain refuses to perform much more than the basic survival tasks assigned to it. We once went three weeks without having our garbage collected because I had forgotten to take the bin out to the side of the road so it could be picked up. The very same bin that sits in front of the car when I park. I literally have to look directly at it every day when I come home from work. But still I forgot.

We were in the grocery store the other day, walking through the aisles, and I said out loud “Oh, I need cooking spray.” Then promptly forgot it. Literally seconds after saying it.

Whatever part of the brain that handles ‘remembering things’ takes frequent and extended vacations on me without so much as a warning. So, I decided that I needed a bit of help and would pick up a vitamin or herbal supplement to assist me in my quest for an improved brain. I wandered into the dietary supplements section of the grocery store and started looking about at all the different things that ‘experts’ say are good for you. And I realized…I’d forgotten what it was that is supposed to help with memory. I literally forgot what it was that was supposed to help me stop forgetting. It was embarrassing. I considered asking the pharmacy tech for assistance, but I reconsidered. She was a girl about my age, and I was worried that my quandary was ridiculous enough that she might think I was joking around in an attempt to flirt with her, so in an effort not to come off as creepy, I rejected the idea of asking for help. Instead I started reading the labels on all of them, one by one.  Thankfully, they were arranged alphabetically, and “Ginkgo Biloba” wasn’t that far down the list.
I clutched my prize and made for the checkout counter with victory swelling in my chest much the same as someone finishing their first marathon might feel.

….then, I remembered I had a shopping list in my pocket and had to go back.

So, in the end I overcame a brief lapse in short-term memory and found what I was looking for.

Of course, the new problem is remembering to take the damn things every day.
Sometimes, you just can’t win.


4 thoughts on “Memory.

  1. Happened with me too with I started a new enterprise 5 years ago. Then I tried meditating. Started with 15 minutes a day. It really really helped. Then, I later moved to practicing yoga, and THAT helped in a great way!! 😀
    I can so relate to this post!!

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