Cautiously Optimistic

The two boys have altered their behavior lately, leaving me with very little to comment on here. Mini-Me is now sleeping through the night. For almost a week now he’s been catching between 10 and 12 hours of sleep, which means that I’ve slowly been able to graduate into a full night’s rest myself again. The Narrator has made huge improvements in his consumption of new foods during dinner. It takes a little wheedling on our part, but he’s vastly expanded his diet beyond sandwiches, hot dogs, and pasta.
I’m not saying that all of a sudden being a parent seems easy, because there’s still plenty that goes on during the day that keep us teetering on the edge of exasperation.

Such as Mini-Me’s new found ability to climb onto the couch and hunt down the cats while they are sleeping. They’ll go from the lazy feline nap, to having handfuls of their fur clasped in the vice-like grip of a toddler who is too small to realize that when you piss off a cat, five out of six of their ends can become suddenly pointy and a lot less cuddly.

Or perhaps The Narrator’s inability to realize that building a tower out of blocks, laying a Thomas track, or lining up his cars for a race in the presence of the little one will end in disaster. I’m not sure how many times he needs to learn this lesson, but at least twice a day, we’ll respond to a frustrated howl as Mini-Me demolishes something that his older brother is working on. Toddlers, of course are driven by reaction, so the more over the top The Narrator is in his response to the mini meat hurricane, the more likely it is to happen again.

It doesn’t help things that Mini-Me is starting to behave curiously like a super-villain. Acts of wanton destruction give him great joy, and as the older one collapses in distraught agony, we can often find his little brother looming over him with a grin and a wicked little giggle.

….We’re working on it.

In spite of that, night time is finally seeing us catch some uninterrupted sleep, and dinner time no longer a battleground the likes of which not having been seen since Thermopylae. I won’t say we’ve turned the corner and we’ve got this parenting thing down, but when you can go through the days without being able to count your hours of sleep on one hand and still have enough fingers left over to pick up the upturned bowl of cheerios, or you’re not spending TWO HOURS at the dinner table trying to convince a child to eat a half-dozen bites of a cheeseburger, things start to look a little brighter on the horizon.

And speaking of which, my on-call shift with the ambulance ended two minutes ago. I can now watch the sunrise on my terms.

…It’s gonna be a good day.


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