Cold-Season Conspiracy?

Before I get started, I’m not in any way a conspiracy theorist. I don’t lurk the dark underbelly of the internet searching for evidence that the earth is flat, or casting a suspicious eye towards jetliners for chem-trails. Much of that stuff, I believe is nonsensical. However, every now and then something happens that may cause me to raise an eyebrow and ask “Really?”
A few years back when H1N1 flu paranoia was all the rage, there was pushes within the government of NY to make it mandatory for all workers in the health care industry to get a flu shot, as well as various other groups of people. Oh, the catch was, if you tried to opt out of having the government force you to get a flu shot, you were fired immediately. As the dust kicked up over the issue, it was determined that the person in the state government who was pushing hardest for the mandatory vaccination policy had a wife who worked for one of the companies that produced the flu vaccine.


When things like that come to light, it is one of those raised eyebrow moments.

I had a friend tell me the other day that he took his 4 year old son to the doctor because he wasn’t feeling all that well. The doctor asked him if he had had a flu shot, which he hadn’t. Lots of people don’t get flu shots for lots of reasons, such as the questionable efficiency because of the crap-shoot guess that the CDC has to make every year as to which strains are going to out there at any given time.
…again there are lots of reasons, and for whatever it was, my friend’s son had not gotten the flu shot.

“The doctor’s eyes widened when I told him no, we hadn’t gotten flu-shots. A fast test was done, and of course, we tested positive for the flu and were given a script for flu medication, which would have cost $150 a bottle if it hadn’t been for my insurance coverage!”

This was one of my raised eyebrow moments too. Research on the matter is pending, but I have a theory that the people who roll out the flu vaccination are the same ones who are producing the medicine for those that are effected by the illness…either because they didn’t get vaccinated, or they are among the large number of people who get the flu anyway, even if they get the shot. How else can you justify the cost for a single bottle of medication? My answer? Math.

If you have 200 people, and say, half of them get a flu vaccination for $20.
– $2000 taken in.

Now, out of the hundred that DIDN’T get the vaccination, pretend that ten of them get the flu.
– $1500 taken in.

Then add in the flu medicine for the number of people who DID get vaccinated but didn’t have it work:
– Profit

The drug companies are going to make their money one way or another. I’ll bet that if flu vaccination numbers go down, the price of the combative drugs will skyrocket – because given the effectiveness of the vaccinations in the first place, I’ll wager that infection numbers don’t change much, so the number of combative doses needed won’t rise proportionately to the drop in preventative doses needed, and the money will have to be recuperated somewhere. And if they are selling LESS vaccinations, and roughly THE SAME numbers of combative prescriptions, prepare to pay much, much more.

Keep in mind, this is just a theory from someone who didn’t do so well in school where it comes to economics, math, or really even biology. I know what I’ve read from the CDC and others as far as effectiveness, and I know what my friend had told me regarding the cost of the medicine he had to buy for his son. Also, in spite of the tone of this message, I’m NOT telling anyone not to get a flu shot. The young, old, and at risk need to do everything they can to stay healthy in this miserable season. I don’t get them myself, I never have. But I also have never had the flu. However, I am certainly not opposed to the boys having one, nor anyone else for that matter. Do as you see fit. But as I look at things from the outside, I can’t help but wonder if the monstrous push for vaccinations (to the point of being mandatory in some places) isn’t driven by some motivations other than the government’s care for our well being.

For information on vaccine efficacy, here’s the CDC’s information on the matter: Flu Vaccine

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, the third installment of “Confounding Kids’ Shows” featuring a brand new addition to Disney Junior’s lineup:

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2 thoughts on “Cold-Season Conspiracy?

  1. Strange that the doctor wanted a 4 year old to get a flu shot. I thought it was recommended that only infants got the shot – but then the recommendations change every year or so.

    • Right on the CDC site it says that it is most effective in children over two years of age, which doesn’t explain why places like NYC are trying to make it mandatory for infants, unless you take into account that someone is making a tidy sum under the guise of trying to protect everyone.

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