“Oh, Good. Its Not a Bomb.”

I’m calling today “Short Story Day” because I don’t have anything yet suitable for a real update, so I’ll regale you with a small anecdote.

The other morning, I took an apple out of the refrigerator. I took a bite of it and wandered into the living room where The Narrator was devising some intricate scenario with his toys that involved a lot of “Look out!” and “He’s gonna get you!” sort of things. When I came in, he looked up and saw my apple.

“Ooh, an apple. Can I have one?”

Me: “Sure, you can have this one if you want, I only took a small bite out of it.”

He looks at it thoughtfully for a second then takes it, examining it critically.

“Is this a trick?”

Me: “What? Why would it be a trick?”

Him: “Hmm. Okay, I guess its not a bomb. Thank you.”

…and off he goes to enjoy his apple.

The best part was that after I collapsed to the ground laughing, he turned to me with a cartoonisly straight face and asked “What?”
He’s hit the age where he is genuinely being funny, like TRYING to be funny. The humor from the things he says is no longer only sourced by childlike innocence or mispronounced words. It is the most amazing thing to see a kid develop to the point where they can set you up for a joke and play the reactions. I really can’t wait to see what happens next with this kid.


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