Leprechaun Trapping

The Narrator’s pre-school class built and baited a leprechaun trap last week, to let it sit over the weekend in the hopes of catching the elusive creature.

The details of the trap are mysterious to me, because in typical 4-year old fashion, as soon as I asked him about it, he ‘forgot.’ As far as I know, a team of intrepid preschoolers could have very well dug a punji pit behind the school and baited it with lucky charms. I like to think the teachers would have come up with another alternative, but I have no way of knowing. The Narrator is keeping it to himself.

My son is no stranger to trapping. A few times last summer we set a live trap for chipmunks baited with some cereal. There was no malice in the reason for our trapping the little guys, I wanted to show him the creatures up close, and have a little fun in the process. Observing the excitement level as he peered out the living room window at the trap set in the driveway every few seconds like the world’s worst spy was nothing short of super fun. In the end, no animals were harmed. In fact, for the price of a a few scant moments of entrapment, most of them managed to make off with a sizable portion of froot loops. Literally everybody won.

I digress.

I asked him what the class would do if they managed to catch a leprechaun. Again, he had no idea. Either the plans of his collective were so nefarious to the point where they all swore a blood-oath of secrecy or he conveniently ‘forgot’ what the teachers told him again….and with his memory being as terrifyingly sharp as it is, I doubt he forgot so I’m a little worried.

My wife seems to think that the leprechaun will get himself caught, but they’re sneaky and clever enough to escape, not before leaving some kind of appropriate treasure before they depart. I’m of the opinion that if they’re smart enough to escape from a trap, they’d be smart enough to not get caught in the first place, and there’s bound to be a slew of disappointed preschoolers this morning. The wife assures me otherwise, but she also tells me she’s never managed to trap a leprechaun either, so I’m dubious as to the extent of her expertise. She also got very mad at me when I {jokingly} suggested we send the boy to school with one of those mini souvenir baseball bats in case they did manage to catch one and need to finish him off, and threatened me with death if I mentioned the idea to The Narrator even a little bit.

Someone once told me that if you do manage to capture a Leprechaun, you’re supposed to make him give you his treasure before you let him go. At first I hopefully anticipated The Narrator getting into the car this afternoon lugging one of those cartoonish bank-bags festooned with dollar signs and bulging with gold…but then I remembered what I was up against, and the reality will probably be a bit more along the lines of a small bag of chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, because that is the 4 year old idea of what treasure is.

It is my fault really. I should have briefed him better before dropping him off this morning.

Oh well. Happy St. Patrick’s day.


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