Profound Thought of the Day….

I had a thought yesterday. (Yes, just one. It was a slow day.)

To be honest, once I had this thought, I probably spent far too much time pondering it.

It was a simple thought, a question really, but one that I think begged to be asked:


Has the rise of smartphones lessened the amount of stall graffiti in public restrooms?

I’ll bet the thought never crossed your mind has it? But amid all the complaints that smartphones and constant cell phone usage in general is leading to the demise of civilized society,  at the very least it is possible that thanks to the devices, we are seeing fewer instances of misspelled obscenities, sadly phrased slurs, and crudely drawn penises and swastikas. Instead of having nothing to do but scrawl such things along the walls, we are now occupied with Candy Crush and Angry Birds. (That’s still a thing right?)

Interesting possibility no?

Discuss this amongst yourselves.

{This post was drafted on a smartphone and…you guessed it…from a bathroom stall.}


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