The Boy Learns Fast.

Yesterday evening marked what I believe is the beginning of the end of the latest round of plague that has hit our house. The Narrator had very generously brought some kind of alien illness home from school and shared it with us. I mentioned in an earlier post that Mini-Me had it blossom into an upper respiratory issue. He is recovering. I was hit with a chest racking cough that tortured my abdominal muscles in such a manner that I have not seen since “Hell Week” in the academy. My wife seems to have dodged the worst of it, and by and large I think we’re all starting to come out of it.

Last night I had planned on making cheeseburgers for dinner, and I was going all out. Bacon, sauteed mushrooms and onions, melted cheese of choice, the works. However, two things changed my plans. First of all, I still wasn’t feeling up to par, so a project meal seemed a bit ambitious. Second, The Narrator, still a notoriously picky eater- vehemently protested, citing numerous reasons why he disliked cheeseburgers. Not feeling up to arguing with him the following conversation occurred.

Me: “If you don’t want cheeseburgers, what should we have for dinner?”
He: “Um. Everybody is sick, we should have soup.”
Me: “We haven’t got any soup left. We would have to go to the store and get some.
He: “Well, let’s go.”
Me: “I can’t go, I’m sick too. You’ll have to drive.”
He: “DADDY! I can’t drive! I don’t have a driver’s license!”
Me: “That’s not a problem, you can borrow mine. You remember how to get to the store right?”
He: {Thinking for a minute} “I guess I could just follow the road.”
Me: “Well, yes, that’s generally a good idea.”
He: {Scrunching his face in deep thought} “I can’t use the GPS, I don’t know how that works. It looks like you’re going to have to drive anyway.”
Me: “Okay okay, I’ll drive, but you and mommy don’t like soup, and your brother is too little to eat it. We aren’t going to the store just so I can have soup.”
He: “Hm. Oh! What about rice? Let’s get food from China! {What he calls the Chinese food restaurant in town. I might have had something to do with that}
Me: “That’s not a bad idea actually.”
He: “Good, I know how to get there. Should I drive?”


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