Out of Coffee.

There is a direct relationship between the urgency of our need to grocery shop, and the amount of coffee is left in the house. This morning indicated a DEFCON-5 need to hit the store on the way home from work. With the boys being ill the last few days, my wife has hit the coffee pretty hard during the day to make sure she’s able to function. Last night was particularly bad so the need for it this morning was a borderline emergency.

Mini-Me was up most of the night fussing and coughing. He’d done well the night before, but relapsed last night. The lack of sleep and subsequent irritation and exhaustion on behalf of both parents led to us having an argument in the middle of the night which lasted much longer than it should have, and started over something fairly trivial.

Ever notice that? Fights at night when everyone is exhausted can go 0-60 quicker than a Sesto Elemento and usually over something that really isn’t that big a deal to start with.

Anyway. Exhausted to start, a bit of a fight that extended into the late hours/early morning, and a baby that still wasn’t thrilled with the idea of sleeping more than an our or so at a time. I don’t know how good at math you are, but those three factors add up to a miserable start to the day. The saving grace for lousy mornings is an immediate cup of coffee.

Alas….There was none to be had. Chastise me if you will for allowing our supply to deplete to such critical levels, I deserve it. Lucky for me, I had a backup plan. I left the still-icy house and puttered to the gas station to fill the car up before heading to work. Gas station coffee is not noted for its quality, but it is certainly welcome in an emergency. Then a thought occurred.

While sipping my delicious, life-saving cup o’ joe…I pulled back into our driveway and brought a 16oz peace offering to the Mrs. I don’t think it was enough to reverse the stupidity of last night’s spat, but it was noticeably warmer when I trundled back out the door and finally headed to work. Maybe bringing home a pound or two of “the good stuff” this afternoon will get me the rest of the way off the hook. If it doesn’t, at least I’ll have something to drink after another night on the couch.



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