Season Finales

I’ve decided that for kicks, I’m going to start watching season or series finales of television shows that I have never seen, or of those that I never, ever plan on watching.

Shows that I either deliberately ignored because the premise sucks and watching them should make you ashamed to be human, or ones that completely escaped my notice for one reason or another.

Why? Mainly because of the after-effects. How much fun would it be to sitting in a loop of fans of a particular show and have the finale come up in conversation. Then, surgically, you drop in with something like “I thought it was an awesome episode, but who the hell was that guy who…” {ends up being the main character, but seriously, how the hell would you know that}

Then, when someone looks at you like you’re insane, and asks you why you didn’t know main plot lines or characters, you shrug and say “Oh, this was the only episode of the show that I’ve seen.”

You could literally melt the brains of the people around you by revealing that the only episode of a show you’ve seen was the giant twist-filled, nail-biting season-ender.

If I could just parlay this into a TV show of my own somehow and make a few million bucks off the idea….


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