Some People Have No Sense of Humor.

No source on photo. It’s mine. I took it.

Yesterday morning presented itself as a wonderful opportunity for a few hours of ‘me time’ – sandwiched between running The Narrator to school, and working 3-11 on the road. Just a few short miles from the school is a lake. Rather than make the drive home after dropoff, then come back and pick him up a few hours later, I decided to spend some time fishing (read: drowning worms) in said lake. The weather was beautiful, and I had the gear in the car. My only need was bait. And coffee.

Gas stations aren’t noted for having the best of either of these two things, but beggars can’t be choosers. So I pulled into a local station, filled my styrofoam cup to the brim with piping hot liquid life, and rooted through the smelly refrigerator they kept in the back with a faded “Live Bait” sticker on it. I found a small container of worms and happily made my way to the busy counter.

The cashier was slightly younger than me, sported a number of facial piercings that I never fathomed possible, and a face that did very little to mask the fact that she would probably would have rather been water boarded than work another minute behind the counter. The man in front of me paid out and left.

Mr. Chipper (me) was next, so I plunked down the coffee and container of worms.
“Is this all?” She asked- robotically, there was no indication at all in her voice that she gave a whit if I had gotten everything I needed or not.
“Yes,” Says I, with a moronic grin on my face…. “Just the coffee and the breakfast.” I guess I thought a small joke would do something to lighten the misery that was clearly her morning.

In response- I got an eye roll and a head shake that very plainly told me that my sense of humor was not appreciated at this particular time. Or perhaps ever.

I cringed much the way a stage comedian in the middle of a flop set might do when the audience starts looking around for things to hurl at him, and sauntered out of there.

Oh well.

I tried.





5 thoughts on “Some People Have No Sense of Humor.

  1. Mmmm … worms for breakfast. But you won’t catch me eating any.

    You can eat worms if you clean them well and cook them … at least according to this guy’s blog:

    Sorry about the humorless pierced grouch at the worm & coffee store … maybe you’ll come up with a better line next time … get it?! Line? Like fishing line … just some more humor on top of humor.

    More? 🙂

    Mother to daughter advice: Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend.

    • I’ve had worms ground into chocolate chip cookies when I was in junior high. I had one of those awesome science teachers who would do all kinds of things like that. She made us go collect worms, then turned them into a wonderful classroom treat in the name of science!

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