Bubble Guppies: 1. Daddy: 0.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was home for about an hour between jobs. I raced home from my IT work to get ready for my night shift with the PD.

When I walked in the door, The Narrator was there playing with his toys. He was wearing the custom-made “Platoon 53 Supporter” t-shirt that I had made for him when my academy class was selling them for a fund-raiser. The few of us with kids managed to persuade the manufacturer to make up a few smaller-than-usual sizes for our spawn.

“Hey bud, nice shirt!” I said to him. – I make a positive comment on it for him whenever he wears it because when I bought it for him originally, he didn’t like it.

“He changed it, he was wearing something different this morning.” My wife told me.

“Aw, how cool!” I think to myself. “He knew I was going to work tonight and wanted to wear his ‘police shirt’ as he calls it.”

“Yes. He had something different on before, then the Bubble Guppies episode came on that had the police in it, so he went and changed it.”

…..Ego check.

Thanks Nick Jr.


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