Inexplicable Premonitions

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Let me start off by saying that I am extremely skeptical about anyone’s claims to glimpse into the future with any relative clarity. The idea that someone can close their eyes, gesticulate over a glass orb, and tell me that I’m due for a long journey or extreme misfortune is pretty silly to me.

However, at the risk of sounding completely looney tunes, I will admit that I have been mixed up in a number of bewildering coincidences that are just…..weird, and often will I wonder if there might be a grain of inexplicable truth to it somewhere.

The first instance happened seven or eight years ago.

A long time ago, I used to have some spare time, and one night I had agreed to meet my friend Greg at a local bar for a few beers. As old friends usually do, we began to reminisce and wonder about some of our old classmates. One that came up prominently was a girl named Lisa who seemed to vanish after high school. We wondered about the numerous possibilities of where she could have gone, spending more time on her than any of our other friends. Somewhere around midnight, I cut the discussion on the possibility of Lisa’s whereabouts short and told my buddy that I should probably quit drinking, go home and get some sleep, because with my luck, I’ll go to bed, and have to get up shortly thereafter to go to a fire. (I had just recently joined the fire department) We parted ways, and I went to bed.
Not two hours later, the fire scanner goes nuts. A house fire in the neighboring district and we were being called for mutual aid. The home in question? WAS THAT OF LISA’S PARENTS.

Coincidence? Probably. Freaky? Absolutely.
Another prominent incident, which prompted this post, happened just yesterday:

Headed home from the grocery store, I asked my wife if she had checked the mail. She told me she hadn’t had the time to do so. I said “We have to check it when we get there.” Then, for no discernible reason I added “Because there’s good news in it today.” I had no reason to say that, and we even joked about the possibilities of what could be in there. Upon opening the box I find a single letter…. a Civil Service Canvass letter from a state university regarding the coveted university police job I’ve been pining after. For two months, there’s been no words from the system, either on new offers, or rejections/acceptances from ones I’ve applied or expressed interest in. I sort of figured the offers had dried up for some reason.  But here in my hands, was another one of these letters, which are the very first step in the process of landing one of these jobs. Its not a job OFFER by any means, but the arrivals of these letters have been heralded as great news for us since they indicate that the system is still looking, and I’m high enough on the prospect list to keep getting letters.
My wife was astounded, as was I.

For these two instances, I have substantial witnesses. There have been countless other times where the circumstances are far more mundane, and there’s nobody there to confirm them as having actually happened. Quite often, out of the blue I’ll find myself thinking of a specific episode from a television show, or scene from a long-forgotten movie. The thoughts will linger for a few moments, then vanish as I move on to something else. I won’t think any more of it. Unless (and this has happened a bunch of times) within the next day or so I’ll be watching television and that EXACT episode or movie is on. Then I’ll remember “Hold crap, I just thought about this movie the other day, and I haven’t seen it in YEARS.”  I can’t prove I’d been thinking about it, and I sure as hell can’t do it on purpose. I cannot sit down and think about a particular movie intentionally and have it come on.

So, to my darling wife…no, I cannot predict us winning the lottery. Sorry dear.

– I know. This all sounds completely insane and illogical, and I’m not even implying anything supernatural, I’m only outlining the circumstances and letting you be the judge. If you believe that this sort of thing is possible, label me ESP. If not, call it coincidence and lets move on.

Fun little story though, my experiences with these random happenings has, on more than one occasion- made me absolutely terrified of my son. One day when we got into the car, he said he didn’t want to go anywhere, because “We were going to crash and get upside down!”  You have no idea how hard I hoped that all of this premonition/esp nonsense was completely bogus at that specific instant. And, if it WASN’T complete hogwash, I hoped against hope that it wasn’t hereditary.

That’s all for today. Long weekend coming up, so I might not be back again until Monday sometime. Enjoy the weekend and as usual, thanks for stopping in.
…Oh, and thanks in advance for coming back Monday too. You’ll be here. I predict it………..



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