Someone Tell Pandora I’m Not Speaking to it Anymore.

One of the marvels of modern technology is having the universe at our fingertips in the forms of smartphones and tablets.

This has become incredibly useful to those of us who are parents of small children. In the not-so-distant old days, parents needed to sit in rocking chairs and mindlessly go back and forth probably for hours waiting for baby to go to sleep.

Now, with wireless, Netflix, and a set of headphones, we can spend that amount of time NOT going insane.

Occasionally, when Mini-me is having a rough time of sleeping, I will lay with him on my chest on the futon in his room and let him slumber. If I’m falling asleep myself, I’ll skip a netflix movie, and move to internet radio.

At least…I did. I’m finished with that now.

I understand that free apps need to have ads, but there needs to be some sort of correlation between the advertising content and the music one might be listening to.
When I’m sleepy, I’ll tune to a classical music channel and fall asleep to the sound of Mozart, Ravel, and the like. Preludes, symphonies, and arias lull me to a peaceful slumber, where I’ll stay until Pandora decides to eff with the whole system and throw a loud-mouthed Taco Bell add in between movements.

Do you have any IDEA how miserable it is to fall asleep to Bolero, and be yanked back into the waking world by a voice screaming “I BELIEVE THE NEW TACO BELL BREAKFAST WRAP COULD LEAD TO ANARCHY!”
No? You don’t? well, you’re missing out on a lovely form of rage that if it weren’t for the slumbering baby on you, the urge to jump up and kick holes in things around you might be irrepressible.

Are there other apps out there that won’t give me this problem? Maybe. I haven’t looked yet. But someone needs to pass along the message to Pandora that I have completely given up on them because they suck terribly, because I won’t do them the honor of communicating with them personally anymore.



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