Well This Can’t Be Good.

I cannot walk. Or stand. 

Okay, slight exaggeration. I can do both but it is incredibly painful to do so. Today was day one of three working security for the second music festival,  and I was busier today than I was all of last weekend for the first event. 

We were so slammed that lunch break was ten minutes to eat half the sub they brought for me and my partner to share while we continued to funnel cars to their appropriate lots based on their credentials. 

Only after I wrapped my shift did I realize that I had spent the last nine hours on my feet. Literally standing the entire time, walking, running between lots, and pacing while I waited for the traffic to move along. To make matters worse, it rained. Not a drizzly, light misting either. The first half of my shift was spent in a steady, soaking downpour that flooded a few campsites. I had a hard time gathering sympathy for the people who complained about sitting in their cars for five minutes waiting for parking places while I did my best imitation of a duck. 

The rain broke, and the last half of the day drenched us in sunshine, enough that all of my clothing dried. Except my boots and socks. 

I dont know if you’ve ever worn clothes as they dry in the sun, but it isnt comfortable. 

So the feet stayed wet and under constant strain for nine hours. I came home, stripped the boots and socks, and my feet immediately lit on fire. Standing back up after sitting down seemed like a horrible idea. They felt itchy, cold, and hot all at once. After a few minutes they just felt asleep, with no abatement. 

So here I sit, still hurting badly while working an on-call shift with the ambulance, and staring two more days of this work full in the face. 

Did I mention it was a ton of fun and I cant actually wait to go back? No? Well, its true. I still love interacting with everyone, and helping where I can. So I will go back tomorrow, smiling. Crippled or not. 


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