Glancing Back….

I’ve sat down a few times over the last few days and started entries, but ended up pulling the plug each time because I was only phoning it in. I could feel it. I was half-assing content just for the sake of putting something up.

This morning though, I thought I’d take a look back over the last few days, and bring you along for the journey.

I pulled a 3 day run at another music festival over the weekend. This time it was “Taste of Country” and it featured Brad Paisley and whichever Hank Williams is making music these days. There were a ton of other acts too, but I saw none of them. The shift work was tougher than it was the previous weekend, and the weather was less cooperative. Friday it rained through the first half of the shift, then the sun came out and dried us. Saturday and Sunday it was cold and windy all morning, prompting sweatshirts and jackets. Then the sun came out again and scorched my already punished skin once more.

I liked the work, although I’ll admit, the crowd was much rowdier and a bit more obnoxious than the patrons of Mountain Jam. There is an episode of How I Met Your Mother that talks about ‘Woo Girls’ – females who in a party or social situation bellow out a high-pitched “wooooooo” whenever a song comes on, or something happens that they enjoy.

Country music has its own version of the woo girl, and this is the woo guy. Except instead of “wooooooo” – the sound is a much more irritating pig call. “SooooooooEE!” The woo guy comes out after many beers are consumed, and if he happens to be a singular individual, it can be ignored.

However, my traffic post was directly in between two hugely populated camp sights, and this call of the ignoramus was heard damn near every time I turned around. It was enough to set my teeth on edge, to the point of irrational rage.

I wish to make it clear that as with the previous weekend, the majority of the people I came in contact with were awesome. Every morning, one of the patrons would drive through and hand us coffee from down in town. Some others hung around and shot the breeze with us when it was slow. There was even a group of young women behind where I stood that invited my shift partner and I back to their camp for beers when we came off shift. (invitation declined by the way.)

Anyway. In spite of the vast majority of people being awesome, there was a good portion of people who were using this event as an opportunity to get as drunk as humanly possible, and make fools of themselves. Genuine fans of the music that was being featured were as irritated by these people as I was.
Again, I had a blast though. Despite inclement weather and a smattering of goofy individuals, I had fun. And, the company I work for is extremely good at taking care of its people. When it got hot, the supervisors drive to different posts and make sure we have water. They bring us lunch, and constantly make sure everything is going right.

When you work WITH and FOR people who know what they’re doing, it makes things so much easier.

Sunday- Father’s Day- I worked until 4. I came home to a delicious Steak and Shocktop HoneyCrisp Apple beer.
My wife and boys made the most of the few hours I had before bed time. All in all, it was an excellent day.

The last two days at work have seen me not entirely productive. I’ve done what I can do accomplish my assigned tasks, but after three consecutive days on my feet, I’ve been in recovery mode. It’s largely why I haven’t had a chance to put enough effort into this blog to make a decent entry. I don’t even know if THIS one qualifies as decent. It must, because I’ve gone beyond the first 200 words without hitting “Move To Trash” for the first time in three days.

The Narrator “graduates” from pre-school on friday. I’ve taken the day off from all of my jobs to attend the pre-graduation festivities, and enjoy the day with the family, then I finally have a light weekend. Three hours of work Saturday night, then a CPR refresher on Sunday in the morning.

It’s been a long time coming, but my day of rest is finally right around the corner.



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