Sorry, Not Sorry- A Shameless Plug*


I’m reasonably sure that every single “This is how you blog” rule that has been written or spoken about in dark and secret corners of the internet states that what I am about to do is taboo, but I’m going to care later.

Right now though I want to flick the spotlight over to my wife for a little bit. You see, on top of taking care of three boys, (I’m included in the count) making sure the house doesn’t fall down, and being more than a little bit awesome in all ways- she also is one of the single most creative people I’ve ever known.

Now, I have ZERO creativity in my body. I can’t get beyond stick figures to this day. I can’t paint, sculpt, make music, compose poems, or any of that. In fact, you’re lucky I have the ability to string enough words together to create sentences enough for coherent blog posts. Creativity just isn’t my thing. I can fix and repair things…but don’t ask me to MAKE anything.

True story- when I was in junior high school art class, one of the projects I was working on for a few days went missing. I don’t know if another kid accidentally hucked it in the garbage, or I misplaced it…whatever. I told the teacher it had gone and I was mad about it, to which he replied “Why? It wasn’t really that good anyway.” No joke, that happened. Thanks Mr. Canazzaro.

Anyway. What I lack in creativity, my wife more than makes up for. In fact, she’s been working on one of those Etsy shops for some time now. She started out making hair accessories and felt coffee sleeves for people, and has enjoyed a little bit of success with it. One of her hair piece accessories was worn by a flower girl in a wedding we went to, and a local business bought a dozen of her coffee sleeves to resell in their store.

She’s branched out into stuffed toys, and they’re awesome. They’re simple little things, but people love them. One woman placed a custom order for a little red stuffed car for her son who saw the picture online and fell in love with it. Another woman is a teacher who picked up a cloud toy and is going to have her students take it home and write about its adventures.

One of her bigger projects are felt name banners. Each letter of a name stuffed and strung with line to hang on walls or over cribs. One grandmother-to-be found her banners and couldn’t order one fast enough because she had bought one for her son when he was a baby, and wanted to continue the tradition.

If the internet were a real shopping mall, she would by no means be one of the anchor stores, but she does well and people who purchase from her are very happy with her products.

She’s poured an ungodly amount of time into the site too. Last night she worked for two hours- not on creating product, but on Search Engine Optimization….I work in IT and don’t even know what that means. But apparently its creatively arranging key words and phrases to trick Google into placing your site up top when people look for things.
She’s paid to have her site advertised on well-read blogs, she’s crafted and re-crafted her page, she’s sent free samples to people for reviews…And now she’s on message boards helping other people who are doing the same thing, and if I can do something….ANYTHING to help all that effort pay off, I’d be remiss if I didn’t do it.

She’s been at it for four years now, and this shop has grown (with absolutely no help from me whatsoever) into something that hosts happy and repeat customers.

My job now- is to spread her around a bit, and here’s where I get the narrowing of the eyes and under-the-breath muttering from the blog world.

Now, I’m not telling all of my loyal followers (of whom there are significantly more than I had imagined possible) to rush out and buy her things…All I’m saying is that I think that if you click the link, there’s a fair chance you will say to yourself something like “Oh, that’s neat.” or even better “So-and-so might like that, or should check this page out!”

Without further ado:

As an added bonus, if you click the link it won’t take the detective skills of Scotland Yard to figure out what Mini-Me and the Narrator’s real names are.

Thank you. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled lunacy tomorrow. Or this afternoon if my muse shows up to work today.



*Author’s note. I should apologize to my wife. The only reason I’m plugging her site today of all days is because I have literally no other content lined up today. I wrote most of this post a week or so ago and have been keeping it in my holster for just such an occasion when my brain was not clever enough to create something original.

Sorry dear.




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