Need Input!

Thank you and Google Images.

The car’s in the shop this afternoon, and since it is Friday, all of the staff at the day job have either not bothered to come in at all, or have made tracks out of here by now. So I’m left with little to do but this.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I CRAVE information. When I’m working in any capacity, I want to know the details of the job required of me. Where, When, What…and if necessary, How. Never “why” though. Nobody pays me enough to ask “why.”

The same goes for my personal life. While I’ve got a tendency towards the random and spontaneous, if something is on the horizon that I know about and need to plan for, I want every scrap of information I can gather, as soon as possible. The lack of such intel drives me insane whenever something is coming up.

The other day, my wife timidly asked me if we could take a day trip to Boston on Sunday. Timidly, because she knows that Sunday is the first day where I have literally nothing to do that day, and she was hesitant to make me busy again, even though this was something she wanted to do. Of course I told her we could go, she had a chance to meet some of her friends from the various online communities she belongs to who live scattered across the nation. An impromptu meeting was set up, and since we’re in driving distance, she wanted to go.

I asked her the basic questions.

“Where are we going?”
“What time will we need to be there?”
“Are the other women bringing their husbands and kids?”
“How long are we hanging out there?”

As lustful for information as I am, my wife…isn’t.

At this moment, we are less than two days away from the trip and all I know is that “Sometime on Sunday we are driving to Boston to meet some people.”

….there. You now literally know EVERYTHING that I know about my plans for the weekend.

– In my wife’s defense, she HAS asked my questions to the panel arranging the meeting, but has had nothing handed down yet. I don’t want her to message these ladies with another battery of questions simply because “My husband is a psychopath and wants to know everything right now.”

So, I’m sweating out the details. I’m expecting there to be a flurry of exchanged text messages sometime as I’m eastbound on I-90 sometime Sunday morning filling in the gaps, just about the time I start to hyperventilate going into information withdrawal.

Now, this being said, I’m also the guy who will wake up in the morning and say something like “Lets go for a drive” without having a destination in mind. We spent 10 days on the road driving across country with NO plan whatsoever except KEEP GOING WEST UNTIL YOU HIT WATER. – And I was fine with that.

But then again, I often take a childlike delight in planning things out. I have a fondness for logistics, timetables, and details, and I suppose my being rankled with the lack of information I get at times is simply because I don’t get to play with itemizing every last crumb of intel and formulating them into something that looks like an itinerary.

– Oh, and if we ever have plans together, heaven help you if you leave the planning to me, then are responsible for setting me back more than five minutes or so. I’ll be grumpy at you the whole time. It isn’t anything personal, its just me being broken.

Ah well.

Since there’s nothing else to do, I think I’ll go out and investigate the stairs of death again….I found ANOTHER casualty on them this afternoon. Another bird. I’m starting to get a little worried.

Stop back soon, and keep an eye out for a second blog I’m starting which will detail the tribulations and observations of a rookie cop.



One thought on “Need Input!

  1. I’m sure it will be fine. But I also understand the need for having a plan- I usually wing it but sometimes I regret that choice, especially in a city like Boston where it’s probably best to know where you’re going. Anyway, I’d give anything to be able to go to Boston for the day, so enjoy!!

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