We are about to leave for the bulk of the weekend so I can go do a short bike tour with my father and brother in law tomorrow.

I’m leaving my paperwork for the new job home. I had intended on bringing it with me and filling out the 18 page questionnaire in my spare time, but I’m going to use the next day and a half to decompress a bit before I plunge into what will be a rather significant undertaking. I want to make sure it is all done correctly, so I don’t really care to rush into it without a bit of a break from the rigors of last week.

No, it makes much more sense to come back at it on Sunday night/Monday morning with a fresh set of eyes and brain that is a bit less soaked in exhaustion. Granted, visiting my in-laws has turned into something less than complete relaxation, but I’ll have some time alone tomorrow as I meander through the 25 mile course at a leisurely pace. I usually end up alone on these rides. The guys I usually ride with are doing the 45 mile ride, so while we might start together, it won’t be long before they diverge from me. And since I literally know nobody else there, I won’t be buddied up with anyone. Before too long it will be me, the bike, and the road for however long it takes me to finish the tour.

That should give me a little bit of time to breathe and unwind a little.

The stress and anxiety I feel whenever I look at the stack of entrance paperwork and list of required documentation is building. So much is riding on my doing everything perfectly. If I’m to break the cycle of exhaustion, wheel spinning, and professional stagnation, it starts here. So, as important as it is, I’m putting it off until I have some mental-health time.

I’m leaving the laptop home, so I’ll be back Monday. I sincerely hope that on my way out the door I forget my cell phone too. Completely unplugging for 24-36 hours will do wonders for the noggin.

Ah well. Enjoy the weekend readers.


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