Put Off Procrastinating.

One of these days, amongst my many other failings, but boys will learn that their daddy is a massive procrastinator. When I was in college, I used to lie and say that I functioned best under pressure, that procrastination led me to do some of my most creative work.

Now that I am older I realize how much bunk that is, but still don’t stop procrastinating.

As you know, I am in line for a job interview today. A big one. One for a job that I covet badly. There was a massive amount of paperwork that needed to be done before I leave this morning on the 400+ mile round trip drive to and from the interview site. (Yes, its worth it.)

Last night, before bed, there were still some rather large loose ends to tie up, but I was going to tackle them as soon as the kids went to bed.

The thing with procrastination is, that it is never simply a time issue. When you procrastinate, you open the door to many other catastrophes.

Immediately after settling in to finish the work, and in the middle of a major print job…..the printer is out of ink. Panic sets in. I ran around like an idiot for a few moments before I decided to duck into the office this morning and finish the print job.

I carefully save the print jobs needed to a flash drive, and move on with the other tasks that need to be completed. My wife, knowing what lay ahead, makes me a cup of coffee.

Two sips in, and three words on the paper….the scanner goes off. You see, I was on call last night. So instead of filling out an employment history, I went to a two and a half hour ambulance call, coming home at midnight.

My wife was more than a little annoyed when I enlisted her help around the time that yesterday turned into today to wrap this paperwork up. We landed in bed around 1am, and I prayed there were no more calls before 6am when my shift ended, or I might be completely boned.

Thankfully, no more calls, but I was up five hours later to duck into the office and get my print jobs done. I finished my packet of paperwork less than two hours before I get in the car to leave, and am completely exhausted from the knocking around I needed to do because I kept putting the work off. There’s a lesson here somewhere. I’ll look for it later.

So here I sit, my last entry before I embark on a three and a half hour drive that could result in the landing a life-altering job.

It promises to be a long and trying day. If you don’t see me for a while, its because I have expended all of my energy getting through this afternoon.


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