A Collective of Short Thoughts

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with surviving the week and my interview that is coming up tomorrow to put much thought into an actual post these last few days. Instead, I’ll list a few malformed thoughts that have meandered through my mind of late. Enjoy. Or flee now.


  • “Stoptional” I’ve learned that nobody actually stops at stop signs anymore, unless there is oncoming traffic. There are varying degrees of severity while blowing stop signs, but if the police pulled over everyone who didn’t actually stop at a sign, we’d never get anything else done. As an added bonus, if there are two cars coming to a sign, regardless of what the first one does, the second will immediately follow the first out without even attempting to stop, slow down, or care. This isn’t a joke or an exaggeration- I’m betting 90% of the time I see two cars coming to a stop sign, the second will warrant a traffic stop.
    -Use your heads people. The signs say “Stop” not “Look.”
  • “Lost Summer” We’ve have barely any days at all where the temperatures have struck 90. There have been a few 80+ days, but very, very few actual summer days. And my August mornings are greeting me with temperatures at low as 40. I actually left for work the other morning in a sweatshirt. As an avid fan of summer, I am not thrilled by this.
  • “The Power of Tagging” I’ve learned that my humble blog’s traffic will increase when I tag a post with two very interesting things. ‘Exercise’ and ‘Cats.’ The post I did the other day about having a mouse in the house as well as two useless cats produced one of my highest days for traffic. And every time I mention the rare instance of me exercising, I’ll get a like or a hit from a fellow blogger whose entire body of work is reminding me how much of a sloth I am compared to some of these very healthy, very fit, much-more-awesome-than-me people are. I think I’ll stop using that tag.
    TL:DR- Tag everything with ‘cats’ and your traffic will go up. Tag everything with ‘exercise’ and your traffic will also go up, but you’ll feel terrible about yourself.
  • “Onomatopoeia” Our two year old identifies animals by the sounds they make. Cows are “Moooo.” Cats, “Meow” and monkeys are “Eee-ees.” He can also do this throaty grunt to imitate the sound of a frog that is simply uncanny. “There’s the cat” becomes “De-a Meow!” Its hilarious and sort of adorable.
  • “Terrible Friends” Terrible friends make the best friends when you’re also a terrible friend. My wife and I were talking the other night about how within out closest circle of friends, only one of them makes an effort to visit the rest. We don’t, and the others are also not usually available to visit either. One of our best friends has a three year old boy that we’ve met once, and a little girl that we’ve never met, and they’ve never lived more than an hour and a half from us. Our two year old son has been met by the others only once as well. But none of this matters, we are all still very close. Geographically, we are all in the same state and within a few hour’s driving distance. But we all understand the rigors of grown-up family life, and our seeming complacency towards visiting each other is understood and ignored, and the little group we have is still close, despite being terrible friends. Hell, one of them was visiting someone IN MY TOWN the other day, and never let us know she was less than three miles away. But it doesn’t bother us, even a little. We know. We understand. A lot of folks lose friends when they start having kids because others simply don’t understand. Becoming parents creates terrible friends, and terrible friends stick together, and are the best of friends.

So, for a bit of life advice from AD today…. Tag all your post with ‘cats,’ stop at stop signs, complain about the weather, and make friends with people who are bad friends.

I’ll most likely have a real post tonight from my hotel room. I’ve decided to head up north for my interview the night before so I am not facing a three and a half hour drive after waking up at 5am. A bleary-eyed, coffee-laced, travel weary applicant hardly ever makes a splash with prospective employers.



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