Reeces Pieces for Breakfast

Don’t judge me.

Last night, around eleven while I was driving my wife and I home from a spectacular wedding of a college friend, I had the nagging feeling that I should be remembering something.

Somewhere around Exit 19 on the NYS Thruway, it hit me. The e-mail.

Last week, while I was stuck with a dead car in Plattsburgh, I got an email from the day job, asking what time I could be in, since there was a presenter coming in very early who would need to be set up with some technical work. I agreed to be here.

So, after last night’s wedding, we got home, I nabbed about 5 hours of sleep, only hit the snooze button once, and darted off to work. Skipping breakfast, skipping coffee, nearly skipping the putting on of pants.

I was here at 7am on the button, and found out that the ‘setting up’ I needed to do was plug one thing into the wall, turn on the switch for something else, and move a ceiling mounted projector slightly to the left so it lined up with the screen.

When I stumbled into the office, I found I had left a half a bag of reeces pieces here last week, and there was a bottle of lukewarm water here too. So, here I sit. An hour early with my candy, water, and wordpress to start my week.

It promises to be a long stretch to the weekend…with the added bonus of packing The Narrator off to Kindergarten in two days.

I am also waiting for the phone call from the prospective job. They promised to tell me either way if I got hired or not. I’m expecting bad news, but I still am waiting for the call, so throw that in there too.

Right now though, there is a handful of peanut butter candies that I need to rename ‘breakfast.’



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