No Time For Emotions.

Kindergarten started today. We all went out to wait for the bus this morning and took the mandatory first day of school pictures. At 7:40am the bus came and took my little buddy off to school. He climbed the giant steps of the school bus, then turned around and waved to us. We could see him say something to another small child in the front seat who nodded, and slid over, making room for him. He picked his head up and looked at us through the window of the bus and waved again, a giant grin on his face.

Then the bus pulled away, and that was that.

We headed back into the house, and I handed Mini-Me to my wife, kissed them both, then ran out the door to work. The school where I work was having their first day today too, and my phone was already blowing up with work tickets and the old “Where are you?” inquiries. I hadn’t even had a moment to dump coffee down my throat before I had to leave.

I got to work and hit the ground running, facing an irritated administrator who was annoyed that I hadn’t been there at 7am.

I punched down several things on the list within minutes, and headed off to take care of a few larger things.

At one point, I was going down the stairs and came across an already frazzled teacher trying to talk to a wailing kindergartener who was calling “Daddy! Daddy! I want to see my daddy!”

The poor kid was upset, scared, and so completely alone, and all I could do was think about my little boy and wonder how he was doing at that moment. His teacher called us yesterday, to see if we had any questions or concerns, and also to let us know that she would be calling the parents of her students around lunch time to update us all on how our children are doing- a very nice gesture I thought.

Finally I had a few moments to sit down and think, and all I could to was hope that we had prepared him properly for what he started today. He was excited all week, and told us that he was a little nervous too. We assured him that was perfectly okay, and that we were proud of him for being so brave in the face of something so new.

And we weren’t kidding. The kid has been a champion about the whole thing. Working in a school for so long, I’ve seen everything from pants-wetting excitement to pants-wetting fear of the first day of school. The Narrator has been calm and collected the entire time.

I am fully aware that not only is our son not the first kid to go to Kindergarten, but that we are not the first parents to send their eldest child off to school for the day. These two things are helping me greatly now that I have a moment or two to ponder it all.

The one I REALLY feel bad for, is Mini-Me. He looked horribly confused when his big brother climbed onto the bus and it roared away without him.

He is getting big enough that the two of them can play together without injury, and now all of a sudden, his playmate is gone for the whole day. Not to mention a little bit of a sniffle he’s fighting, which while not serious, will be the icing on the crap-cake that is his day today.

*This update has taken me two hours to write between service calls and minor jobs. By the time I have a chance to get really thoughtful on how fast my boys are growing up, I’ll be back home with them.

At least I hope so.

Stay busy to stay sane.



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