Fall Mornings

I’ve never minded fall. Part of me has always lamented the passing of summer, but I’ve never complained about autumn. It is always rather pleasant. Besides, it heralds the onset of football and hunting seasons.

What I don’t particularly care for about it though, is the way it ruins mornings. Unfortunately for me, I often do not have the luxury of sleeping past 7am. Often, if I am working a day shift or need to get into the day job early- like today- I need to be at work by that time, necessitating a much, much earlier wakeup.

Fall mornings are miserable. Since we are not yet used to the changing temperatures, a 40 degree morning is just awful. Especially knowing that just a few moments ago, you were warm in bed. And with the sun still not awake itself, the darkness atop the cold just makes things worse.

Even when I deer hunt, as much as I love the sport, I hate the mornings. Cold, wet, dark, windy….Zero of those things would be in the list of aspects I would have for an enjoyable morning.

These mornings are unhealthy too. The dark and cold are far too negative conditions to go for a run when I wake up too, so these lousy mornings also signal the onset of hibernation weight and sluggishness for the next few months, and promise to make the spring running much more painful to handle.

Made worse again, will be the day that we all go ahead and turn the clocks back an hour because some moron decided that the antiquated practice of daylight savings time was a good idea. You might say to me “That solves your darkness problem AD, go take your lazy rear end for a run.” To which I would respond with something negative and most likely insulting.

The ‘added hour’ is an inconvenience to everyone, and adjusting the sleep schedule of two kids around it twice a year is just charming experience.

This all being said, I DO have fond- very fond memories of a few fall mornings. Not the least of which was the day I woke up and realized I was getting married that day. Other days were back when I was still Civil War reenacting. A lot of our events would be this time of year, and the experience would always negate some of the worse aspects of waking up in a tent on a fall morning.

There was always something awesome about cradling a cup of coffee brewed over an open fire in your hands and watching the morning dew burn off as the sun came up- especially if you were doing it with a group of amazing people.

Since I don’t do that anymore though, all of my recent memories of autumn mornings have been heavily dosed with cold, darkness, and children having rough times waking up for school.

….Speaking of which, it is time for me to go drag both The Narrator and my wife out of bed, and hit the road to work.

I’ll have a real post later on, not just something rooted in negativity while I wait for my coffee to kick in.

Come back later. Bring a dish to pass.


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