Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars…

…and centuries worth of earned degrees in education and administration in this building…yet nobody knows how to plug in a power strip.

If it doesnt power up, it is apparently easier to email tech support than check the cord.


One thought on “Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars…

  1. Oh yes, that power strip. Just last weekend my almost 80-year-old dad questioned why a lamp wasn’t working in his house accusing my husband and I of doing something. My husband immediately said, “It the power strip on?” My stubborn father responded, “Yes.” I changed each light bulb, switched them, checked them for rattling noises. I saw the lamp was plugged in and made the bold and daring move of clicking the power strip switch. Voila! The lamp was magically fixed … and my dad’s no “dummy” with three master’s degrees one being in computer science. He STILL didn’t admit his mistake after it was quite obvious to all of us.

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