Hello, Technical Support?

Fast second update from me today:

Three things about dealing with your friendly neighborhood technical support:

  1. If you call me and tell me an issue, do not reiterate the issue seven times. Tell me once, then do what I tell you to resolve it. Using brand new words to tell me the same thing a dozen times isn’t going to help you. Or me. Shaddup and click the buttons I tell you to click, in the order I tell you to click them in.
  2. If it takes me less time to resolve your problem than it did for you to call or email me ABOUT the problem…you absolutely should feel silly, don’t expect me to argue with you when you say something to that effect as I leave your room. If you don’t want to be embarrased about how simple the problem actually was…Google it next time.
  3. “My computer is broke” “My computer isn’t working” “It has a mind of its own” – These and phrases like them are to be avoided. Details on the problem please, and don’t try to be funny with the old “my computer hates me” routine. The more information you provide on the problem- as succinctly as possible…the swifter your solution, and the more personable your helper will be.

That is all.




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