The Wrong Way to Start the Day

Happy Weekend.

At least the calendar says its the weekend. I work a half shift this afternoon, then a C line (4-12) tomorrow, so it isn’t really much of a break. Still, there’s a little time off, so it counts.

Last night I was on call, and went running out the door shortly before midnight for a Charlie Priority (Priorities run Alpha-Echo. Alpha isn’t a huge deal, Echo means Get there. Now.) Patient was suffering a severe allergic reaction, unknown breathing or consciousness. Uh oh….gotta go! Two miles down the road, they cancelled us.

So I went home and the wife and I continued to binge-watch the latest season of Parks and Recreation to have been posted to Netflix. We rolled into bed around 12:30, and I promised my wife she could sleep in a bit this morning, and as I write this, she thankfully is.

I was up at 5:15 with Mini-Me and I put him back to bed where he slept until 7.

The Narrator was up at 7:30 and the fun begins.

Before my first cup of coffee this was the action:

TN: “I don’t want to watch this, please can I watch something else?”
Me: “There isn’t anything else on, its early, you’ll need to watch this.”
TN: “Okay. I’m thirsty, please can I have a drink please?”
Me: “Sure. What do you want? Juice or milk?”
TN: “Milk”
Me: “Okay. Mini-Me do you want a drink?”
MM: “Ummmm…No.”
Me: “Okay.”

I poured milk for the oldest and proceeded to set up the Keurig for my coffee. As I was doing that, Mini-Me came around holding a bowl.

Me: “Do you want cheerios?”
MM: “Yah, Yah, Yah.”
Me: “Okay, give me the bowl.”
He does, and I put some cheerios in it. He eats 6, then dumps the rest on the floor.
MM: “Juice.”
Me: “Fine. Juice. Or do you want Milk?”
MM: “Juice”
Me: “Okay.” I take out the apple juice.
MM: “Noooooo!”
Me: “Milk?”
MM: “Yah, Yah, Yah.”

I pour his milk, slap the button on the coffee maker and take a half second to sit down and wait for it to brew. Mini-Me comes over, and since nobody is allowed to sit peacefully in our house, he climbs into my lap at the kitchen table. I hear the coffee maker brewing, but can do nothing about it since I am busy removing a myriad of sharpie pens, a leatherman, and a bottle of contact solution from the tiny little imp’s hands. He gets bored, or annoyed with my denial of the fun and exciting things, and climbs down.

I seize the chance to grab my coffee.

Only….I don’t.

Damn it.

I had forgotten to put one of the two mugs under the spout. See the mugs? They’re right there. I took two out, used none.

Here’s where you ask “AD, as a dedicated and fellow coffee addict, I know that those things have drip trays, what happened there?”

Well observant reader, the drip tray had been removed for cleaning- and since in our house with our schedules, “cleaning” often means “Sit in the sink for 24 hours until we get to it” – it is still being cleaned.

Between conversing with the kids, setting up their drinks, picking up the dumped cheerios (which at this very second, he dumped out AGAIN) and making coffee, something had to go wrong.

Multi-tasking before coffee is a bad idea, and multitasking while GETTING coffee sees you using half a roll of paper-towels to sop up that which you need to survive.

If this is how I started the day, I need to go right back to bed and try again in a few hours.


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