A Promise? Or a Warning?

Last night nobody could decide on what they wanted for dinner. Rather than try to compromise, we all had something different. I opted for Chinese food, and suffered buyers remorse when my wife opened up her calzone from one of the local Italian places.

I cracked open my fortune cookie and split the styrofoam treat between the two boys. I don’t particularly care for them, they always tasted to me like something I’d pack a vase in if I were to ship it somewhere. The little paper fortune though, those are always amusing, and sometimes hilarious. I’ve taken to instagramming some of the better ones- such as this gem:


Last night though, I got one that I THINK was trying to be optimistic, but I sort of felt like I was being threatened:

I can’t decide. Promising? Foreboding? Or just garbage?

At first glance, one might think that this fortune indicates good things coming to them, the promise of a realization of good luck and fortune? Hot damn, we’re gonna make it!

But me? My negativity kicked in and I thought I might be more inclined to believe that it suggests something BAD will happen, which will make me realize how fortunate I am NOW.

Perhaps the universe is lining up for one big kick to the giggle-berries as if to say “You complain too much AD…time for some perspective! See how fortunate you were back when you opened that cookie? Now so much now huh?”

…Pessimism is not so much a habit of mine as it is a defining character trait.

As I pondered the possible meaning of my fortune, a THIRD possibility came to me.

If someone was enough of a clown to mislabel the vessel in which this fortune was delivered to me a ‘cookie’ – then perhaps the entire thing is a laughable farce. What if….and this is a reach, I know…what if cosmic messages are NOT delivered to you as a bonus to your sesame chicken combination platter?

But then again, what if they are?




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