Briefly in Denial

My hatred for winter and all that it brings is no secret. The ‘why’ would be an interesting delve into my psyche, but we don’t have that sort of time.

Every year I spend a short amount of time in denial that the cold weather is coming. It gets a little extreme sometimes.

….like the year in college while we were walking to class and the first flurries started to fall. While the Long Islanders rejoiced, I stripped to the waist, climbed a tree, and proclaimed that the weather was still perfectly fine.

(true story)

This year though, its been a bit different. Our summer wasn’t much of one, so there’s always been that idea that the cold was right around the corner.

Last night saw the death of my 2014 cold-weather denial though.

Somewhere around 2am, I bashed my forehead into the corner of my nightstand. That sort of thing is not only enough to interrupt a sleep, but it is also enough to keep you awake for a while. Rather than toss and turn, I got up, and noticed that the heat was running.

A few moments after it turned off…it came back on again.

2am is a lousy time to have a bout with reality on any situation, but this was certainly the case last night.

This afternoon I pulled out the AC units from the windows, and started cleaning up the yard putting away the lawn tools that I won’t need until April again. Then went hunting through the closet for my long-sleeved work uniform and heavy socks.

It may not be winter yet, but it won’t be long now- and there just isn’t any point in plugging my ears with frost-bitten fingers and screaming about it this year.

…my head is fine by the way. Thanks for asking.


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