When He’s Damn Good and Ready.

You know the stereotypical adolescent that comes home from school and evades all the questions the frustrated parents have regarding their day? We have one of those. Only he’s five. Instead of shying away from questions regarding test scores and homework assignments, he’s ducking inquiries about crayons and who he sits next to in art.

ME: “Hey bud, how was school?”

TN: “Good.”

ME: “What did you do today?”

TN: “I don’t remember.”

ME: “Did you do anything fun?”

TN: “I don’t know.”

ME: “How about lunch time, who did you sit next to?”

TN: “Daddy! I don’t REMEMBER!”

– at this point I’m met with the exasperated huff and stomping off that I hadn’t expected for another decade or so.

He will eventually divulge all sorts of information though- when he’s ready to do it. Don’t ask him questions, they’ll get you nowhere. You just have to wait and be patient.

ME: “Your teacher wanted us to send an apple with you to school today. Why was that?”

TN: “I don’t know.”

ME: “Was it for science?”

TN: “Maybe, I don’t remember.”

….Fifteen minutes and three separate conversations later:

TN: “We made applesauce today.”

One of us isn’t going to survive his teen years.


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