By 9:30am, My Day Was Ruined.

Not a selfie

Today should have been an easy one. Work at the day job, bounce out to the laundromat, have dinner, work on-call hours for the ambulance.

Not relaxing by any means, but predictable and workable without too much trouble.

Things began to unravel around 2:30am.

Mini-Me woke up at that time, having peed through another diaper. He’d sleep through the night if we could only get him to stop ruining diapers. Anyway, he woke up, I changed him, and fell asleep on the futon in his room again.

We all got up at 6:30, got ready for work and school, and waited for the school bus.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally I decided that since I had to get going to work, I’d drive The Narrator to school. He immediately went into hysterics because he would “Never get to ride the bus again!”

Turns out there was a sub driver and the bus was 20 minutes late- it showed up after we left.

I drop him off at his classroom and head out to work. Back on track.


I get a phone call from the day shift worker at the PD. “What are you doing now?” I spent half an hour helping her shuttle our fleet to temporary parking while there’s blacktopping done at the garage.

Okay, back at it, work time. A little late, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.

Phone call.

Tonight’s shift worker can’t make it and nobody else can cover. Can I do it?

No, I cannot. I’ve already met my 20 hour max for the week, I’m at the day job and I’m on call with the ambulance.

What if someone covers the ambulance shift?


At this moment, the ambulance is looking for someone to cover half a shift for me on the ambulance, and the day shift worker agreed to stay an hour or so later while I put in the contractual hours at the day job.

It looks like I’m going to be working the day job until three, the road from 4-11, then coming on call with the ambulance at midnight and running until 6am.

My wife….isn’t happy.

In truth, I’m not happy either. I don’t mind so much filling in for people, but when you’ve got as many things as I do in the air, it takes a shit load of juggling things around to solve the problems I’m presented with, often at the expense of my own personal plans, time, and probably health.

Short notice doesn’t work with someone who has three part time jobs and a family, and the only reason I’m agreeing to the work is because I either need full time work if they decide to hire another full timer, or I need a solid reference if someone else calls me down the road.

I just don’t know how much more of this seat-of-the-pants scheduling I can take. Or my family can take. Something’s going to happen soon. Either our ship will come in, and this hard work will pay off, or something will break. It is seriously becoming a race to see what will happen first.


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