In Case I Lose One

If you managed to catch the last post, I mentioned sitting at a body shop. I was run off the road in the new car last week and managed to do $3K worth of damage to to a vehicle I hadn’t made the first payment on yet.

I left the car to the technicians and was given a rental. The lady from the rental company was very nice, and I drove away with a brand new 2015 Passat, less than 4,000 miles on it. The keyring she handed me had four keys on it. Two ignition keys, and two glove box keys. I didn’t think about it, and planned to hand a set off to my wife so she had a key for the duration of our borrowing of the Passat.

When I got home though, there was a problem. All four keys were strung together on a ring made of metal cable, and crimped on with a metal sleeve.

You can’t remove any of the keys from the ring.

Why then….is there an entire second set?

Why? Seriously….Why?

More importantly than my figuring out the reason behind this lunacy, is wondering exactly how much the man who did this must have hated his job to not bother saying something like “Hey, uh…boss, this doesn’t make sense.”

I refuse to believe that it was incompetence behind this, since NOBODY is thick enough to have done it on purpose and think its a good idea.

“Hey, Sam, you know how people are always losing their keys? Well, I tied the spare to the first one, so they always know where to find it in case the first one goes missing.”

“Ralph you’re a genius!”

No- this is implausible. It simply to have been someone who is paid just enough to do a job, but not enough to care about it.

“Sam, how many key sets did you tie together today?”
“Thirty-eight. Ralph, did you ever consider that maybe we shouldn’t be putting all the keys on one ring?”
“Nah. The boss said “Put the keys on a ring.” So that’s what we’ll do until he tells us to stop.”

This idiotic key-ring is giving me great insight to the mind of someone who hates their job so much as to make any of my workplace complaints seem absolutely silly.


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