Pick This Battle?

Okay…I need some assistance here.

On occasion, usually around birthdays, my wife will bake a cake or cupcakes. Once in a while from scratch, usually from the mix- this is irrelevant because she is also generous with the frosting of said baked goods, so we don’t much care about the source of the initial product.

However, after the initial consumption of the first few cupcakes or slices of cake, she then will put said baked goods immediately into the refrigerator.

This seems strange to me, and a little bit irritating, as the wonderful cake gets cold, and the frosting becomes hard and nearly tasteless.

Am I weird for wanting to leave something like this out so it doesn’t get cold and hard? Or is my wife’s assessment that it will keep better in the fridge correct? Do I need to sacrifice tasty for ‘not ruined?’

Should I just google this and be done with it? I did, and the results were mixed, so you’re my final say in the matter.

Do you refrigerate baked goods? Why or why not? Am I being ridiculous? Why or why not?

Was I really this strapped for an entry this morning that I settled on putting cake in the refrigerator?

Only I know the answer to that.


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