These last few days has probably been the longest I’ve gone without an update since I started the blog. I’m writing now for a few reasons. First, because I know how this stuff works. If you don’t take the time to update here and again, the whole project can fall by the wayside, and I’ve had a lot of fun here, so I don’t care to see that happen. The second reason is that I actually have people that read this for some reason or another, and I feel like if they take the time to look in on me, I at least owe them something.

Lastly, because I actually have some content to share, and I’m going to give a sneak peak into my next post, which will be the outlining of a project I’ve been working on- The Narrator’s Halloween costume.

Before I do that though, some thoughts on Halloween itself. If you’ve spent any time following me, you’ll know that one of my hobbies is picking through old cemeteries, looking for history, mystery, and stories. Every cemetery has a tale that begs to be told to anyone who will listen. It should come as no surprise then, that someone who spends him time picking through places like that enjoys Halloween so much.

One of the women I work with though, spent a good amount of time the other day telling me how much she hates Halloween because it is “Such an evil holiday.” She doesn’t care for how kids are dressed as devils and witches and such.

I told her that technically it isn’t a holiday, and that there are plenty of kids who dress as kittens, angels, and ladybugs. I also switched into my old Social Studies teacher mode and told her that Halloween stems originally from festivals celebrating harvests. These rebuttals were dismissed, and I dropped the whole matter because it wasn’t going to get me anywhere. She’d made up her mind, and while I very much think she is wrong, I didn’t care to disrespect her by being a dick about it. I like Halloween. Always did. Even as a kid, and it went beyond my desire for sugar. The concept that one night of the year could be ‘spookier’ than the others intrigued me, and played directly to my budding interest in the macabre.

When my high school class visited Salem Ma. after reading “The Crucible” They damn near had to drag me out of the old village cemetery and museums to get me back on the bus.

At any rate, my enjoyment for Halloween has evolved a bit now that I have kids of my own. The Narrator is getting old enough to have some serious fun with it, and he gets into his costume ideas 110%, so we have some fun.

Last year, he wanted to be a robot. Rather than stick him in an aluminum-foil covered box, Daddy had a brainwave, and we made a sandwich board with computer components glued to it…complete with blinking christmas lights and a working computer fan wired to a battery pack. He loved it, and that counted.

This year….he decided he wanted to be a train. Thomas the Train of course.

So, as a teaser, I give you the first picture I took of the project:

This was several steps into the process of course, but I wasn’t sure how the whole thing was going to work out, so I didn’t bother to record the process. Documenting failure is never fun. So here is where the picture taking process started, and where it stopped looking like a cardboard box with holes cut into it, and actually began to look like a locomotive.

I’ll have the whole thing done tonight, hopefully tomorrow’s post will be the whole tale. Stop back in then, and see how a man with no creative abilities whatsoever managed to build a train out of spraypaint, a Samsung box, and some duct tape.


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