Hazards of Parenting

This evening was a flurry of activity. I came home from work and immediately loaded the family in the car. We made the half-hour trip to the grocery store. Mini-Me and I went in to work on the groceries, and my wife took The Narrator around to get some last-minute odds and ends for Halloween. We split up so we could accomplish everything and still get me home for my 6PM shift with the ambulance.

About the time they came back to the grocery store and we loaded the car, we realized that nobody had had anything to eat. Facing a mountain of work to do when we got home, we opted for some fast food. Both boys chowed down in the back seat while we drove home.

When we got back to the house, we took the kids inside and I proceeded to unload the car. As I was emptying out the plethora of coats, sweatshirts, shoes, socks, and other accoutrements that had accumulated in the back seat, I noticed that Mini-Me had dropped a few fries into his seat at some point. “Score.” I think, and absentmindedly ate them with one hand as I cleaned with the other.

When I got back in the house, my wife was putting away the groceries. I picked up Mini-Me and noticed something horrifying.

He’d peed through his diaper in the car and the bottom of his pants were wet.

….Let that sink in for a second.


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