Need a Place to Hide.

The Narrator’s school is hosting his Halloween parade today. Parents were encouraged to go to school around 1pm and get the kids ready for it.

With only one car today, my wife was left to this role. I am stuck at work until 3. The worst part is that she will also have to lug Mini-Me around with her while she does school-things with The Narrator, which includes getting him into his cumbersome costume. Mini-Me is usually napping right now.

To recap, two kids, one with costume needs, the other isn’t napping and incidentally has a small cold.

I am nowhere to be found.

I texted her a few minutes ago “Hope everything is going okay.”
Her reply was simply…. “Not Great”

….my subsequent inquiries have gone unanswered.

If anyone comes across what appears to be a fresh-dug grave this Halloween night, start digging. It isn’t a prank. It’s me, and I may need your help.


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