Sandwich Shop Allegory (Election Day)

“Hi, welcome to Sam’s Sandwich Emporium. Today’s choices are Ham and cheese, or Tuna.”
“I also see PB&J on the menu, can I have that?”
“You can certainly ask for that.”
“Okay, I’ll have PB&J please.”
“Excellent, here is your tuna.”
“But I don’t like tuna. Or ham and cheese.”
“I’m sorry. Everyone else picked tuna today, The good news is that you can ask for PB&J again in two years.”
“What if everyone picks PB&J next time?”
“If it looks like a lot of people are picking PB&J next time, we’ll have to take it off the menu.”
“You can do that?”
“Yes. I need to sell either tuna or ham and cheese. That’s how its always been done around here.”
“So, why is PB&J on there in the first place?”
“Because, people feel better if they feel like they have an actual choice.”
“Are there any other sandwich shops around?”
“Sure. There’s 49 other ones. They have some delicious other options on their menus too.”
“And they’ll let me have those other options?”
“Oh, goodness no. Tuna or ham and cheese there too, but please do not hesitate to ask for the other options it if will make you feel better.”
“What if I don’t want any sandwich now?”
“You’re having tuna.”
“I have to wait two years to try again?”
“Yes, and if you don’t eat it happily, the tuna will probably be rancid in just a few weeks.”
“Fine, I’ll take the tuna. But I won’t be happy about it. What do I owe you?”
“Brother, you really don’t want to know what this tuna is going to cost you.”

Happy Election Day U.S. Friends. Enjoy your tuna.


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