Dinner Break

Im sitting on the floor of The Narrator’s room listening to his breathing get heavier and more measured. His day is all done, while mine will continue on for a few more hours.

Next to me on the book case, next to a few Thomas the Train books, a copy of Goodnight Moon, and the night light, my radio and phone sit, silent for the time being, and Im hoping they stay that way long enough for the boy to be deep enough asleep that I can sneak out without disturbing him.

Technically, this is my dinner break. While I still need to be reachable by dispatch, I have a small window of time to grab a meal. However, putting both boys to sleep on her own at a reasonable time is extremely taxing on my wife, so Ive started to come back when I can for bedtime.

It is also nice because on days like today, I get to see the boys for about an hour in the morning before I leave for the day job. When I am home to transition to my night shifts,  Mini-Me is napping and The Narrator is in school. If I dont get back midshift for ‘dinner’ I dont get to see much of them. This way, I get to see them, and The Narrator gets his stories…and doesn’t fall asleep waiting wife to come in after putting Mini-Me to sleep. If the little guy has a rough time going to sleep, she sometimes doesn’t make it in to The Narrator’s room before he falls asleep, and finding him out on the pillow surrounded by the books he waited so patiently to have read to him is heartbreaking.

So here I sit. My son’s light snores signal me that it is time to go back on the road. Through the wall, the rocking chair continues its pace, although the singing has stopped.

The Narrator’s last words before drifting off to sleep were “I love you daddy.”

Dinner is the greatest meal of the day.


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