Birthday Calamity

My wife’s birthday was today. Yesterday, after work- I made a few stops, picking up a card and a gift.

Last night, while horsing around with the boys, I happened to look up at a shelf….to see the exact item I had bought. She already HAD it. Son of a….

I planned on returning it, but couldn’t find the receipt. Anywhere. By luck I found it wedged into the car seat. So this morning, we dropped her off at a local salon for a haircut, and headed off to the store to return/replace the gift.

They weren’t open.

We drive around for nearly an hour before they opened, we made the swap, and went to pick her up from the salon.
When we got home, The Narrator and I sat down to fill out her cards. His went off perfectly. Mine…I realized that while the card I had bought had a lovely, relevant little message in it…it was also an anniversary card. I had read the MESSAGE, not the subject. Sheepishly, I crossed out ‘anniversary’ and wrote ‘birthday’ and jotted a little note about making the mistake.

We also went out to breakfast, which didn’t help either. Mini-Me was in full Captain insane-o mode, and we spent the whole time mitigating disaster as he reached for various bits of pointy silverware, threw things on the floor, and rejected his pancakes altogether.

Every time she sat down on the couch to snag a few moments of relaxation, she was climbed on by a child. Or both children.

Bed time is still two hours away, but I don’t know how much more love she can stand from us.


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