A Day Off? You’ll Pay For That.

When I did the scheduling for November, I carefully planned around yesterday. I was going to try like hell to do little more than give my wife a bit of a break and a happy birthday. It was a moderate success, (See previous entry) and I’m glad I took the day off.

However, the reason I’m writing this NOW, is that I fully expect some cosmic comeuppance for my taking yesterday off. You see, I’m scheduled for a C-Line tonight (4pm-midnight) and a B-Line tomorrow morning. (7am-3pm) on the road. Consecutive shifts are rare for us, since we have so many part-time officers plus a full-timer, but every now and then one of us gets lucky.

I actually am looking forward to it, since I truly enjoy the work, but I am also a little nervous. See, I am still very green, and there are plenty of things that I am unsure of myself about. Working consecutive shifts doubles the chances that I get handed something that will scrape the raw nerve that is my inexperience. Couple those back-to-back shifts with the fact that I dared to take a day off prior to them? I fully expect a meteor strike, a sink-hole, or some other man-made calamity that would require nineteen days of paperwork, or the investigation abilities of a salty veteran detective instead of a rookie with a green stripe as wide as he is tall.

I pay for days off. The last time I took time off from the day job, I spent nearly a week tacking down problems that arose- not because my replacements there did anything wrong, but because actual problems waited until I wasn’t around to crop up.

So, while I’m hoping for the best, I’m expecting the worst. But to be honest, with this job, we really should be doing that anyway. I’m just doing it a little more until Monday afternoon.

I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Which happens to be another day off. My second and possibly final one until December.


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