Pause. Ponder. Recall.

Aside from physical pain, and emotional grief, I think I have discovered what the most distressing feeling in the world is.

That sensation you get when you’re working on several things at once, reach the end of the to-do list, and get the nagging feeling that not only have you forgotten something, but you’ve forgotten something massive.

This is why multi-tasking is dangerous, especially if you’re a bear of very little brain, such as yours truly.

A moment ago, I was updating an inventory list, watching Top Gear on Netflix, conversing with my wife about switching banks, and formulating an email in my head that I need to send to a former job prospect for some paperwork.

This is immediately following a computer swap, phone call to a college, and attempt to find an email address for a training application.

At the moment, as I write this, There is a feeling in my bones that something has escaped me. Not something trivial either, like ‘put the screwdriver back’ or ‘charge your cell phone.’

No, What I feel I am missing, is something that someone will be mad at me for missing later.

Surprisingly, blogging isn’t helping me recollect anything either.

This is terrible.


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