Diagnosis? Invertebrate Toddler-itis.

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Hot Heels, Cool Kicks, & a Scalpel

As a physician, I wanted to let all moms know, that Yes!  Finally!  Our suspicions about the sudden loss of bony structures in our toddlers is a real phenomenon. And, the medical community is finally taking note.

I noticed in the latest version of my owner’s manual (version 2,3664.01….), you know the book that tells you how to do everything the “right way” so you always know what to do with your children at all ages and stages?  Yeah, that one.  Well, I was perusing my latest downloaded version, and this sudden inability of my toddler to stand up or maintain his own body weight against gravity is explained!

It is called… Invertebrate Toddler-itis.

Symptoms are chiefly exhibited by acute flaccid paralysis, which is usually accompanied by watery discharge from eyes and nose (aka crying hysterically), loud wailing only interrupted by said child inhaling deeply only to begin wailing again, and a flushed face.

Typical situations in which you might find this…

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