The Magical Crotch

He drove past me as I was parked in a driveway on a curve. It was the perfect place to check for seatbelts and cell phone usage during the day. Now that it was getting dark though, I felt I should move on. Just as I decided to, a car goes past me. The driver had his head down low, looking at something in his lap. What he was looking at was completely obvious. Even though he was moving, the pale glow of a smartphone screen illuminated his face.

I was wrong apparently. He swore to me that he had not been looking at his cell phone. In fact, he told me, “I don’t even know where it is.”

I can only imagine how magnificent his junk must be if I was able to see it glowing in the dark, and he couldn’t help from staring at it as he drove down the street.

To be honest, if my own wedding tackle was able to glow majestically in such a manner as to imitate an iPhone screen, I’m not sure I could help looking at it either.


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