“Yes, Master.”

My first selfie.

This morning, before work, I was sitting on the couch with my wife. Mini-Me came up to us, and climbed between us. He asked for the blanket, so my wife pulled it over and covered us up. My darling little son shook his head. “No. No Daddy.” He slid the blanket from me, tucked it around himself then looked up at me.

“Daddy? Milk please.”

Grumbling to my wife’s laughter, I stood up and headed to the kitchen.
“Coco juice please.” (Chocolate milk)

Then the little fink had the gall to start laughing. Two years old…and he knew exactly what he was doing. Snuggling with my girl on the couch, then dismissing me to do his bidding.

Isn’t it bad enough I still have to wipe his butt? Which, by the way, he laughs at me when I do that too.


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