AD Is On a Brief Hiatus….

Not for any other reason that I’ve been bound up for the last several days with some training courses, and have a few more in front of me. I’ll try to knock out a real update this weekend.

I absolutely love training, and this has been an excellent week for it. Not only am I being PAID to do it, but I’m going back to my old academy for it, and among the 30 odd people in the class, seven are members of my old platoon. It is strange as hell seeing some of them in police uniforms, but I imagine they’re thinking the same about me.

The strangest part of the whole thing is that one of our drill instructors is also a student in the class, and he’s an absolute riot. We’re not exactly equals yet, he’s got much more time on the job than I do….but we’re all members of the same ‘club’ now, and he treats us as such, which is strange, yet still one of the greatest feelings in the world. Here’s a guy I spent six months hating, who was shaking my hand and asking me how the job was treating me.

I honestly do have the greatest job in the world, but the training schedule for the next few days has me run straight to the edge with my time, so I’m afraid this is all you get out of me tonight.

I’ll be back to the regular swing in just a few days, so bear with me. I’ll have a few funny stories from training, and a few horror stories about a massive snow storm and 16 hour power outage.

Thanks for dropping in to say hi, and keep doing what you do best. Now that I got around to downloading the WP app for my phone, my reader has been an excellent way to spend time even when I’m not parked in front of the laptop.

See you soon.



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