Manual Labor Day

In spite of my recent employment history being in IT and education, I truly love a day of back-breaking actual work.
It is why I spend off days in the summer doing property maintenance for a friend of mine. The money is good, the work is better.

My brother called me this morning. He and a friend were doing a shingle overlay on a local home, and he wanted to know if I would help him out. By “help” he meant “carry all the shingles to the roof.” While he and the other guy started the actual work, I lugged 54 bundles of shingles up a slippery ladder to an icy roof, so they didnt have to go up and down every couple of minutes for more supplies.

Truth be told, I haven’t had work like that for some time. It took a bit over an hour, my left wrist is in pain, my right shoulder hurts, and theres a small gash on my shin where my footing wasn’t so great going up the ladder.

But man, what a morning. I went from ‘couch slug’ to ‘useful’ in no time flat, got a good workout in, and some Christmas cash in my pocket.

All in all, as tough as it was hauling shingles all morning….I’d do it right again.

Sometimes,  I need some ‘strong back, weak mind’ work to even me out, and quite frankly,  I count it as a break.


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